For when you are in pain. When your job gives you a headache, when you're breaking your back all day. When you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. When you pushed yourself a bit too hard and feels like this time you really went too far with your training in the gym or the box. When you wake up with a stiff back or neck. When your stilettoes killed your feet. As a certified massage therapist with years of hospital experience supervised by medical doctors under my belt I'll explore the root cause of your discomfort and I'll put an end to your suffering..


Egy tudatos, igényes ember tisztában van azzal, hogy a testét nem zsigerelheti ki a végtelenségig. Ha a munkádban és a magánéletedben a maximumot akarod nyújtani, a  testedet is ennek megfelelően kell karbantartanod. A testedzés, testápolás mellett a rendszeres masszázs is a rutinod része kell hogy legyen. Így biztos lehetsz abban, hogy a tested - és ennél fogva a lelked is - a legkomolyabb kihívásokban is segít neked helytállni.


You got injured and you'd like to promote recovery? You'd like to give extra support to your weaker joints? You want to prolong the healing effects of massage therapy? Do you have neck-, back-, shoulder ache? Do you suffer from pregnancy related issues like bad posture, lower back pain, heartburns, water retention, or even breathing difficulties, mastitis or split abdominal muscles? These decorative, colorful stick-on tapes have proven effects of fighting locomotory disorders, promoting recovery from sports injuries and providing effective muscle and joint pain relief by enhancing blood flow to the affected areas and are the best friends of expecting and new mothers.


Watch out for our limited and promotional sessions because they are only available for a certain period and are of amazin value. They usually come out for special occasions like Valentines or Mother's Day and the Holiday Seasons. In the summer season the sessions focus on skin health and toning, killing cellulite,  replenishment from sun damage and party nights, pampering for feet tired from stillettos, headmassage sessions fighting hangover in the festival season. Special packages for the ones suffering in the office on sunny days, fitness fanatics or dancing queens.
Watch out for the limited editions and seize the best packages! 


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